Sales Optimisation

for Business

Transform your sales performance and increase revenues by optimising your sales strategy, sales culture, sales team and your sales operations. Sales Optim partners with you to enhance the customer experience and improve business performance.

Optimising Sales Performance

The highest-performing organisations share three compelling traits:

Sales Culture

Top performing organisations exhibit a customer-centric sales culture, reflected in the attitudes, behaviours, and disciplines of your sales team. Does your culture bring out the best in your team?


Customer Path

Top performing organisations demonstrate alignment with the customer throughout the sales process. Are your sales activities aligned to your sales processes or the buying process of the customer?


Top performing organisations enable and support their sales team to add value to their prospective clients through insight and perspective. Doing so improves the likelihood of closing new business and retaining existing clients.

How well does your business measure up?

Understanding the culture

Understanding the culture of any business is fundamental to effecting desired change in the future. That is why Sales Optim looks to work ‘in the business’ rather than being a passive observer from outside, understanding your organisation’s culture as it is now, and to determine which values will best align with your strategy and structure.

Keith is an extraordinary business person. Amongst his many other laudable attributes Keith is an abstract, strategic thinker with an eye for detail, a marketing and sales executive with integrity and ethics. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of working with Keith and would do so again in a heart beat.

James PriceFounder and Managing Director, Experience Matters

It was one of my great pleasures to work with Keith and learn from him on many levels. Keith is a very energetic, self-starting, and results driven Marketer. While working with Keith, he illustrated a proven ability to surpass goals and objectives by collaborating with internal and external networks to achieve ‘first in mind’ branding and product selection choice.

David MuckeyV.P. of Sales – Green Frog Systems, Inc.

There are times when you work with someone and you don't realise the impact that they have on you until either one moves on. Keith was one such person for me. His experience and leadership style ensures that he gets the best out of any team and keeps them focused on what is most important - serving clients holistically & with integrity.

Rohan BishopBusiness Development Manager at Department for Trade and Investment

Keith is one of the best in the industry. Keith is a natural leader and a pleasure to work with. Keith's sales skills are the best example of client focus and understanding, whilst managing internal challenges, politics, and personalities - pulling it all together to drive results. Keith understands the IT&T, services and consulting business with such depth but uncovers client priorities and advocates those, in masterful ways.

Michelle SimperNational Partner Account Manager

Revitalise your sales teams by changing their thinking.