Sales Team

Do you have the right team doing the right things right?

When the sales teams are reaching their numbers, it is often assumed that little needs to change.

Top salespeople have sales success in their DNA but what defines success?

  • High levels of customer contact?
  • Pursuing any opportunity to maximise the market potential?
  • Strong product knowledge and presentation skills? OR
  • Focused on identifying and servicing those clients that your organisation can best support and taking pride in doing things right and making a difference?

The best sales teams have a superior collective mindset focused on service and solutions while following great strategies and use proven processes. Critically they are adaptable and can pivot when necessary to target new prospects and serve new markets (or to serve old markets in new ways).

Perhaps above all, great salespeople and great sales teams are constantly evolving, fine-tuning and learning. They never settle for doing things the same old ways even if those ways have been successful in the past.

How well is your sales team performing?

  • Customer engagement – do your prospects value engaging with your sales reps
  • Account Planning – do your reps really understand their client’s business?
  • Opportunity Planning – are your reps leveraging the best resources to develop winning proposals and tender responses?
  • Call Planning – are your reps prepared ahead of calling on your clients and prospects?
  • Pipeline Management – does the pipeline contain real opportunities or is it an optimistic list of pipe dreams?

Revitalise your sales teams by changing their thinking.